Apple has recently introduced the new and better version of Apple iPad Mini 2 in the market. Owing to its retina display capabilities the tablet is receiving rave reviews from the customers.  However, the question is with Samsung Galaxy Note 8 in the market, which mini tablet will the buyers go for this Christmas.

 If specs are something to be considered than Samsung Galaxy Note 8 device has 1.6 GHz Exynos 4412 quad-core processor plus 2GB internal memory. Amidst the Android tablet, it has one of the swiftest performances. The tablet runs on Android 4.3 Jelly Bean and has the memory expandable to 64 Gb. One of the most attractive features of Note 8 is its ability to control to the home devices. With the app called  “Smart Remote App’, the tablet can control devices like television and media players.

 Meanwhile, Apple iPad Mini 2 is loaded with A7 chip and comes in 128 GB versions. For the people who love watching extreme HD videos and photos should got iPad Mini 2. It comes with 2048×1536 pixels density, is 7.9 inches long and is 7.5 mm thick.  According to Geekbench 2 iPad Mini 2 is three times faster than iPad Mini.

So, here the conclusion, if you are looking for a tablet, which is above average in quality but does all the jobs, then Note 8 is your answer and if you are looking for a premium device then there is nothing better than iPad Mini 2