Although there has here has been no confirmation about that the iPad Mini 2 featuring a Retina display, market and media watchers are abuzz with speculations regarding this high-tech display in the device.

One of the main complaints in regards to the original iPad mini was linked with the absence of the impressive and innovative Retina display and users felt that it lacked the Apple’s innovative technology. According to reliable sources, the mini tablet was not introduced with the Retina Display as it could steal the thunder away from Apple’s regular-sized iPad. However, with smaller tablets becoming a preferred choice for most customers, the demand for Retina Display in the iPad mini 2 is now on the rise. Will this bring about changes in the device’s form factor?

The thin and light structure of the original iPad mini can be affected by introducing the Retina display. As per Brooke Crothers who writes for CNET, the iPad Retina had become heavier and thicker because of the additional internals which included the backlight apparatus needed to support the display. The higher-performance A6X processor along with its quad-core graphics was responsible for bringing about form changes in the iPad 4.So do we really need the new features on the iPad Mini 2?

The answer to this question depends on how much bulk is added to the device after adding the latest screen to play video games and stream TV shows. Well, users are certainly not complaining about the extra baggage. So is it time for Apple to play safe and introduce the Retina ?