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Apple iPad Mini 2 Vs Apple iPad Mini: Apple’s Brave New World Is Getting Smaller And Smarter

Apple’s 8-inch tablet did make quite an impact when it was launched last year, and Apple’s already gotten busy designing its successor. If you’re among those waiting eagerly to know what’s next in store in the world of iPad Minis, well, here’s a roundup of all the rumors we’ve heard about this little tablet so far.

In terms of screen size, we doubt if much is going to change – the iPad Mini 2 could also have a 7.9-inch screen. But yes, Apple might put in its famous Retina Display technology into it, giving it a higher resolution of up to 324 ppi. As with all successors, we’re hoping to see a more powerful iPad Mini 2, possibly with an Apple A5X processor or maybe even an A6 processor. There could even be a brand new processor in the new tablet, maybe an A7 dual-core one.

The iPad Mini 2 could have a camera with an iSight feature, which means it could be more than the current version’s 5 MP offering. With this, the iPad Mini 2 could possibly record videos at 1080p resolution. The battery life is also expected to improve, with some sources expecting at least 10 hours on a single charge.

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But the biggest rumor surrounds the iOS. Given that it hasn’t really changed significantly ever since it first came out, we’re expecting Apple to redesign the OS and give it a new look and feel. With it, expect a new iTunes too. And when it comes to storage, we wonder if it will go up to 128 GB in the iPad Mini 2.

There was a lot of speculation that Apple was planning to launch the iPad Mini 2 sometime this month. But maybe because it’s busy trying to launch the iPhone 5S sooner, we’ll have to wait just a little longer for the next iPad Mini. Possibly by October 2013, we can expect the iPad Mini 2 to be launched by Apple.

One of the biggest peeves we had with Apple was the rather high pricing of the iPad Mini, especially when its competitors were priced nearly half as less. But with Retina Display, the iPad Mini 2 can only get pricier, so be prepared to shell out more.

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