Most believe that the iPad Mini 2 will be released in the run up to Christmas, possibly as early as November.

The iPad Mini has been a best seller for Apple and the tech giant will certainly want to keep the numbers up in the future. Thus, expect Apple to make the iPad Mini 2 better than the original iPad Mini. One of the most consistent complaints about the iPad Mini was its relatively low screen resolution – expect Apple to solve this by giving the iPad Mini 2 a retina display option, though only time will tell if a retina display iPad Mini 2 will be as sharp as the amazing Nexus 7.2.

The iPad Mini 2 is expected to have an A6X processor and use an 8MP rear shooter though it is quite possible that it will have a modest 5MP camera. One of the major pros of the iPad Mini was its design, sleek and slim, expect this to be carried over to the iPad Mini 2. With the inclusion of a retina display, faster processor and generally being a better device than the iPad Mini, the iPad Mini 2 can be expected to cost more than its predecessor’s 330$.