With the launch of Apple iPhone 5C and the 5S, rumors surrounding the launch of the iPad Mini 2 have strengthened further.

What does the iPad Mini 2 packs in?

If rumors are to be believed, that the iPad Mini 2’s launch is imminent in a couple of months. There is also a parallel report published which states that the second-generation device feature iOS7 will come out as scheduled.

The iPad Mini 2 is said to flaunt a high-resolution panel equipped with Retina Display. The latest rumors clearly point out that production of the iPad Mini 3 will commence in 2014 which hints at the launch of iPad Mini 2 in the end months of 2013. For the iPad Mini 2, it is highly expected to feature a 2048 x 1535 display resolution that beams out from a stunning 7.9-inch screen viewer. It will be powered by A7 processor chip and will also feature a higher RAM cache than 512 MB that was seen in the outgoing model.

At this point, it is not yet clear whether it is going to be a dual launch for the iPad Mini 2 and the iPad 5. But it is likely that the Mini 2 will be launched soon and is sure to give some tough competition to the Google Nexus 7.2