Apple has been the king of the hill when it comes to tablets for a while. Since this year though, pundits claim that it is much more equal battle between the Cupertino, California based tech giant, Google and Samsung. With the release of the Asus made Nexus 7.2 Google has made it very clear that it is going to keep investing more in the tablet wars. Samsung with its Galaxy S4 look-alike Galaxy Tab 3 series is not far behind. In fact, the company’s global sales percentages have increased by double figures.

But Apple is not going to sit around and lose it crown, the new iPad Mini 2 is expected to have a retina display and the new iPad 5 is expected to take its design cues from the hugely popular iPad Mini series. But the biggest advantage that Apple has over its competition is its App store. The Apple App Store has over 300 000 apps focused on the iPad, whereas most Android tablet users are forced to make do with applications designed for smartphones on their Android tablets.

So unless Android has a whole load more of tablet focused apps, Apple will continue to have the advantage.