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Apple iPad Air Vs Google Nexus 10: The Top Choice of Enterprises?

tab_hero_ipadairTablets have gained immense popularity and till 2017 they usage will production will reach to 386 million yearly.  Apple seeks to replace its 11-inch MacBook Air with iPad Pro.

Tablets And The Enterprise

Corporate world has intensely used PC but never considered supplementing its use with anything more convenient, with regard to mobility. But after the release of iPad from Apple in 2010, tablets rise has become steady. In today’s time, few tablets are considered very good and beneficial for the corporate segment. This is the reason that you should take a close look at what every tablet offers its user. Check out the in depth look of top 5 enterprise tablets of the year.

The Apple IPad Air

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The iPad Air is one of the latest releases from Apple which comes decked with recent iOS 7, Apple operating system. With 9.7 inches display, viewing for extensive hours is convenient on this iPad. The Apple A7 ARM processor offers commendable multi-tasking. The 3G variant with 16GB storage is tagged at INR 44,00

Apple iPad Mini With Retina Display

The Apple iPad Mini with Retina Display comes decked with 7.9 inch display and 326ppi making it great for long hour use. It weighs 0.73 pounds and runs on Apple A7 RAM, highly suitable for enterprises. The Wi-Fi only variant is priced at $399.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 – 2014 Edition

Yes, it comes with 10.1 inch display and amazing multi-tasking advantage. It comes with stylus that makes tablet use easy for corporate users. Add screenshot of whatever you see with your notes, convert handwriting into contact entry and more. But, the price makes a big hole in your pockets.

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Google Nexus 10

The 10 inch Nexus is great for viewing for long durations. The rubberised back allows comfy holding. The 4.2 Android version makes it a great choice for those who don’t wish to go for costlier tablets. The Cloud service of Google allows the users to avail Google services. the device is labelled at $399.

Asus Transformer Pad Infinity

The tablet is as popular as Apple and Samsung tablets. The largest advantage is that you can connect it with a physical keyboard. Featuring a strong quad-core processor and metallic body, the IGZO IPS Screen of the tablet is great for long hours of using.



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