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Apple iPad Air Christmas Deals Vs Microsoft Surface 2 Deals: Which Deal Will You Buy In Holiday?



The Apple “12 days of Gifts” iOS application that was accessible in the previous to the people of Canada, Europe and other nations, but this ear it will be provided to the US owners. It offers free download from 26th of December to 6th of January. However, at present it is unclear what app free download has been included in the Apple 2013.

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It requires iOS 7 for the free download, but the users who don’t used iOS 7 but run an older version will have to update their device first to get the free applications. Along with this, Apple has offered another free content on the Apple Store, the applications provides 8 free Christmas songs to the users.

On the other hand, Microsoft offers 12 day deals on gadgets. A released Microsoft document has listed the alleged deals. As per the details, it commences from 8th of December to 20th of December. The buyers can buy gadgets and accessories at a lower rate.

Microsoft has priced the Surface Pro 2s for $199, for the list of 12 days. It turns out to be the truth, that Surface Pro 2 Complete Bundle will be labelled at $100 off. There are many great deals placed on Microsoft store site. On the 6th day, it will sell Surface Pro, Surface Pro 2 or Surface RT/2 full Bundle at $50 off

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The other offers include

Dell Tablet Pro 8 inches-$99

Gramin Fitness watch +$25 Gift card – $99

AT &T Nokia Lumia 1020 –free

GTA V -$19.99

With deals on Microsoft Surface Pro and iPad Air getting so much hype this year on Christmas, they are bound to attract customers. More deals will be launched in the time to come as Christmas approaches, companies will release similar deals


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