We’ve been hearing about the new iPad for a while now, but looks like Apple got busy trying meanwhile. Anyway, the iPad 5 was supposed to be out by spring this year, but looks like you’re going to have to wait a little longer for it. Tired of waiting? Maybe these rumors we’ve heard could encourage you. We’re pitting it against the Microsoft Surface to see if Apple can continue maintaining its lead in the full-sized tablet world.

Apple iPad 5: Yes of course it will be thinner, lighter and faster than the iPad 4, but looks like you’ll have to wait till about October this year to finally get your hands on it – you can even expect Apple to unveil the iPad Mini 2 by then. According to rumors, Apple could put in a GF2 touchscreen feature in the new iPad which could help them make the device lighter and thinner. And then there could be a better A6X processor too. For those of you who love sleek, we’re hoping the iPad 5 comes with almost no bezels on the edges of the screen. Going by the hottest trends of the season, the iPad 5 too could support wireless charging through its new Smart Covers.

Microsoft Surface: Microsoft’s debut tablet offering features a 10.6-inch display and runs on Windows RT. Although a minimalistic version of Windows, it does have a distinct edge in performance with its Core i5 processor and 4 GB of RAM. There’s 64 GB or even 128 GB of internal storage, two 720p cameras and even a full-sized USB 3.0 port. We also love the covers that double up as keyboards and stands for the Surface, letting you carry it around and use it with ease. But, if you’ve got the moolah, we suggest you opt for the Microsoft Surface Pro instead which runs the full version of Windows 8 Pro.