The announcement of iPad 4 in the previous year was a big surprise, but it was quite predictable that Apple will release a sleeker, lighter and slimmer iPad 5 in 2013. We have moved a step ahead to the release date, specs and features of the new deadly release from the company.

iPad 5 release date

Reports say that iPad 5 will be showcased at any event sometime in the month of October 2013. 15th of the month is the most likely date for this event. Primarily the gadget was to be released in the first quarter of 2013, but the split in the company delayed the launch of the product.

iPad 5 Price

When apple launches a new gadget, it normally prices it to meet the one it succeeds. So, it is likely to come at a price of US $499f for Wi-Fi model of 16GB, US $599 for 32GB and US $799 for the 128GB.

iPad 5 Specifications

Apple is bringing in the A6X CPU system on-a-chip which claims to be twice faster than the previous version. It comes with lightning connector and stronger LTE support. It could come in light grey colour. It comes with a camera ranging from 5MP to 8MP.