Microsoft Surface Pro 2 release and Apple iPad 5 release date


Yesterday, Microsoft Surface 2 became available at the High Street retailer, Argos. Suppose to release on October 22, the online retailer put the tablet on their webpage for sale. However, the website owner soon deleted the product.

Microsoft Surface 2 would be priced at $899 and would come in three variations, namely 8 GB, 16 GB and 32 GB and 64 GB.  The tablet would come loaded with Windows 8.1 version and is expected to be thinner and lighter as compared to its predecessor. As per the industry experts, the tablet would come in silver and black.

Apple iPad 5 release date would coincide with Microsoft Surface Pro release date and predicting from Microsoft Surface Pro previous year sales in all probability, Apple iPad 5 would eat it up.

Apple iPad 5 will come with a fingerprint scanner and just like Surface Pro 2 it may also have a keyboard. Apple iPad 5 would launch with Apple iPad Mini 2 which is suppose to come with retina display. It is also rumored that Apple iPad 5 and Apple iPad mini may come in a range colors.

According to, “The iPad 5 itself is rumoured to be up to an inch narrower than the iPad 4 and to come in the silver, gold and space grey colours of the iPhone 5S. It is also expected to feature a faster processor, an upgraded rear camera, and have Touch ID built into the home button.”