The cutting edge morsel of news oozing out of the iPad 5 gossip cup ought to sound quite familiar for all the audience who make sure to keep themselves well informed of advances vis-à-vis unreleased iOS devices. This week, our attention drew towards another purported iPad 5 case that ventured via a video dispatched to a French tech site.

As per the iPad 5 case exposed in the video, it seems that it would definitely apt an iPad 5 with trimmer magnitudes than its forerunner. But however, the screen is assumed to be grander. Conceivably, most particular, the design advocates much stripper bezels round the screen orbit,  which is similar with the design of the iPad mini.

As at all times, consider the news which may or may not  be factual, as it is without question improbable that Apple hired up this case or provided any sort of official iPad 5 monocles for the extents.

The insinuation with these classes of rumors are that the scales were provided through one of Apple’s many manufacturing  allies, such as Foxconn and Pegatron. It so happens, that leaks of this kind do indeed occur, but most often they are bogus and the so-called “leaks” are called as the ultimate result of someone’s mind’s eye.

Apple is in the offing to broadcast the release date for their next-generation tablet at WWDC 2013, but in the interim, a authentic profusion of facts and figures has been assembled from third parties looking to manufacture iPad 5 gadgets that will be established on release day. Indubitably, we wont have any clue which, if any, of these iPad 5 rumors are factual until Apple reveals the actual tablet, but the guess work has become a sanctified and revered convention in between merchandise rotations.

While the video and images of the iPad 5 case appear to be attributed to French tech site NoWhereElse, it is also probable that the case was first reported by Vietnamese site Tinhte. Forthrightly, this reporter can’t read French or Vietnamese, so if any of our more linguistically talented readers are able to reach the depth of the whole scenario, we would appreciate if your comments  and opinions line up in the forum