In a race to stay ahead, Microsoft recently unveiled Windows 8 tablet ad that runs the full desktop version of the OS, which came as a direct competition to Apple’s iPad. But there’s no stopping for the hardware and software giant. The firm has now taken out another advertisement, presenting its Windows RT tablet, up in the struggle against the iOS and the iPad.

With the comparison in between the dimensions of the iPad 4 and the Asus VivoTab RT, viewers see no sign of Microsoft Surface RT tablet in the commercial. Weighing 1.16 lbs, the Asus tablet is .32 inches thinner as compared to iPad’s .37 inches, which weighs 1.44 lbs. The plastic casing of the iPad 4 makes it a thinner and lighter tab.

Highlighting the workings in the ad, Microsoft specifies that the Microsoft OneNote application works on the iPad 4, while the Windows RT tab comes loaded with Microsoft Office. However, the hardware giant fails to spot the fact that there’s no Outlook on the Windows RT tabs.

However, there is a possibility that Microsoft might take out an iOS version for Apple’s iPad. Nevertheless, iPad users can easily use Apple’s iWork or download other office-based applications from the App Store.

Coming back to the ad, Microsoft put emphasis on the multitasking feature between the iPad and Windows RT tabs, where the latter easily beats the former. The ad claims that Windows RT tabs works well with any printer, whereas it says that iPad owners need a special Apple printer. However, that doesn’t seem to be true as iPad does work well with other printers as well such as HP.

This commercial seems to be the firm’s attempt to stay aboard and keep its Windows RT tablets alive in viewers’ mind. However, watching the ad seems to confuse us even more as Microsoft compares its two different operating systems with iPad’s iOS. Two commercials released by Microsoft might puzzle viewers, thinking that they both are the same products, whereas Windows 8 and Windows RT tab are two entirely dissimilar operating systems with different features and specifications.