Since the iOS9 was installed on our phones, we haven’t stopped experimenting. The latest OS has upped Apple’s innovative quotient by many notches. This time round, we spotted some features that lie hidden beneath the dapper sheath of iOS9. We’ve unraveled some of them for you:

iOS 9 hidden features


1. The Mail app’s hidden goody is the hand drawn signature feature. All you have to do is hold on to the attachment and a menu will pop up. Choose the Mark Up option and then Reply. Then, you can write and draw over the screen. Once you are finished, press Done and your signature or text will be inserted.  



iOS 9 hidden features (5)



2. You can now hide pictures on your phone with the iOS9. Just go to your Album, tap on Share > Hide. This locks away the files and can only be viewed by you upon further instructions.





3. The wow faciOS 9 hidden features (4)tor of iOS9 is that it lets you swap between WiFi and data connection easily. It basically gives you good Internet browsing experience by switching to the fastest connection at any given time. If your Wi-Fi is slow, it will automatically switch to your Internet data connection.






4. The settings now has a search menu so you can find anything that you need in a jiffy.