iOS7 may not be that great as it looks. After getting by bitten by an unlock screen bug, another iOS7 bug is doing rounds. According to one of the users, Apple iOS7 lets you make you the calls if your phone is locked. The iOS7 bug lets the user access the keypad of your phone through the emergency calling feature. The bug would let the user dial any number by repeatedly hitting the call button.

One user ofiOS7 told, “Tapping the call button numerous times causes the screen to go black and the Apple logo to appear. After that, the call to any number, including international and premium phone numbers is completed as if the phone were unlocked.”

We wonder did Apple think about this issue before releasing iOS7.  Apple is still finding iOS7 previous bug fix. However if such bugs are hitting the iPhone4, 4S,5, 5S users, there are chances people may not upgrade to iOS7. Apple iOS7 upgrade seems enticing because it is  oaded with slew of new features but not at the cost of compromising your security.

What do you think about Apple iOS7 bug flaws? Is it safe to upgrade from iOS6 to iOS7?