With the annual Worldwide Developers Conferece (WWDC) coming closer, expectations and speculations regarding Apple products is intensifying. The web is already filled with rumors related to upcoming iPhone models and now gossips are splurging regarding new iOS 9, a new operating system from the company.Apple iOS9 To Feature New Keyboard And Upgraded Siri- Goes Slimmer For Older Devices

The new iOS is expected to feature an upgraded Siri, code-named as Proactive, states Cnet. If reports are to be true, the new service will offer much timely and relevant data to apps like Contact, Passbook or Calendar. It is also expected to work equally well with any third-party apps.

The rumors also suggest that Siri would be able to collect information from different sources and update users about the traffic conditions on the days, when events are scheduled in the calendar.

iOS 9 is also expected to feature an all new keyboard, which would work both in landscape and portrait mode, reports 9 to 5 Mac. The iOS 9 is also rumored to bring some good news for people using older devices, as it would be slimmed down for maintaining compatibility with the devices launched earlier. Yet, to get a confirmed details on iOS 9, people will have to wait for official confirmation of the company or till June 8, when Apple may unveil the new operating system in the WWDC.