With every software release of Apple, users are interested to know whether they should upgrade their device or remain contended in what they already have. The dilemma becomes more with the release of new iOS and as expected, many Apple users have left their queries on Cnet whether they should give a try to iOS 9.

Apple iOS 9 BetaDownloading Apple iOS 9 beta

Apple iOS 9 beta version is already out in the market and as expected, it is creating quite an uproar among the users. While some has already checked in the operating system to get a glimpse of the new technologies used in it, the others are wondering, whether it would be safe for their device. Well, according to Cnet, iOS 9 is still in beta mode, which means, the operating system would have a large number of bugs.

To be more precise, developers launch the beta version of any operating system just to check the problems reported by users so that their engineers can fix it accordingly. The official version is released only when every flaw is repaired. Though the new operating system will not cause any harm to the device, it is always recommended by experts of Cnet to wait for the official release and avoid bug related issues. However, people who are experienced to deal with these types of problems can surely try their hands. 

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