Apple has just introduced iOS7 and apart from looking extremely different, the new OS from Apple has many new as well as envious features. Let’s take a look:

Apple iOS 7 is endowed with new lock screen. Apple has introduced new parallax effect which has four unlocking camera and two new swipes for unlocking Apple iPhone 5/5s/6

Apple iOS7 Settings are new: Apple iOS 7 comes with a control centre which gives you instant access to WiFi settings, Bluetooth, Airplane Mode, Do Not Disturb and Rotation Lock.

Apple iOS7 notification: Now you will be able to access your missed calls more easily. There will be various columns from today, all and missed.

Apple iOS7 Camera: Your Camera App for iOS 7 has been revamped. Now you get instagram like filters and other effects like video, photo, square (for Instagram-style shots) and Pano (for panoramas).

Apple iOS7 Photo App: You don’t have to organize your photos anymore. With the photo app, your photos would be organized automatically. Also there is a GPS feature which will sort your photo according to date and location.

Apple iOS 7 Face Time: For those suffering from bad internet connection Apple has introduced voice only Face Time to chat with your near and dear ones.