We have been awaiting scoop if the widely hailed Force Touch feature will make it to the 15-incher MacBook Pro from Apple. Apple is set to release a revamped Macbook Pro 15 incher featuring the track pad with Force Touch, according to MacG and 9to5Mac. The main reason this patented spec is being awaited is because it will help Macbook understand different types of touch and pressure intensities. While touch screens are nothing novel, a touch-sensitive track pad that understands the pressure level is totally unique.

Apple To Introduce Force Touch On MacBook Pro 15-Incher SoonThe spec will also offer tactile feedback as per the task that got performed due to a tap or touch. As far as we know now, we could not garner the fact that Force Touch track pad will come with four sensors. Even the topmost edge will have touch response capacity so the slightest push could give you lots to show onscreen.

Besides this wow spec, get more beef with the revamped Intel Core processor on the MacBook Pro 15 incher, as revealed by 9to5Mac. The source also points to the addition of a developed graphic unit.

Also, other than the MacBook Pro, Apple is reportedly dabbling with the iMac Desktop with massive 27-incher screen size, says 9to5Mac. We have no official line but we expect one very soon.