ipad air, apple rules, apple kingWhile we thought that Samsung has eaten up into the popularity of Apple, here is news that has unsettled all Android fans. According to latest reports, we gauge that Apple Inc remains the unconquered king in the US kingdom of smartphones.

As per figures from comScore, Apple dominates the market in USA with more than 40 per cent share in usage. The quarter which ended in July this year, saw Apple standing tall with 40.4 per cent market share.

However, all is not bad with Samsung either. With the giant giving stiff competition to Apple Inc in  terms of popularity, the former has managed to lap up market share of about 25.4 per cent. This marks a slight increase from the 24.1 per cent mark it touched in July this year.

While the market share figures bring a beam to Apple loyalist faces, Android fans would be happy to know that the latter dominates the US market in terms of the platform used. The figure here reads 52.2 per cent!

On the gloomier bit, BlackBerry is indeed beaten black and blue. It has steadily slipped in terms of popularity in the US, with about 3.8 per cent platform share.