Apple Inc. is all set to disclose its earnings for Q1 2014 in the coming week. In spite of iPhone 5S and 5C lack of sales, it is being predicted that the earnings of Cupertino-California based company will take everyone by surprise. reported that according to Bloomberg analyst estimates, “Apple Inc’s earnings could easily hit $14 per share which is equivalent to $57.5 billion revenues. If speculations of tech analyst are to be believed then the Q1 FY2014 earnings of Apple will me much more than expected. In 2013 Apple made 54.5 billion and analyst are predicting that Apple will surpass this figure. Previously, Apple has announced earnings ranging from $55 billion to $58 billion.”

 The higher revenue Q1 of iPad and iPhone maker is being attributed to iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C release. They may not be the most popular device of the season but for they have indeed given a boost to Apple’s revenue. Last year in Q1 Apple has earned around $47.8 million and this year it is expected that it cross $55 million in its earnings.

 In the first week launch of Apple iPhone 5S and 5C, more than 9 million units were sold and iPad Air and iPad Mini 2 have added more to the profits of the company and will the growing hype of iPhone 6 2014 release, it is expected that this year will emerge as the most profitable for the company.

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