Saturday, July 13, 2024

Apple in Mood To Break The Dry Spell: Putting A Curved Battery Into the iPhone 6?

We know Apple’s got to pull it together and fast if it wants to avoid being eliminated from the smartphone race. So we’re not surprised when we come across extreme rumors surrounding the upcoming iPhone 6 – it’s the only way Apple can pull its fans back towards it. But the latest sounds way too exciting and radical.

The most recent patent filed by Apple is apparently for a curved battery for use in mobile devices. Now we’re not sure what kind of a mobile device would require a curved battery – possibly the iWatch? Or is it for an extremely futuristically designed iPhone 6? Of course, there was a rumor doing the rounds about a month ago about how Apple was going to put in a curved glass display on its upcoming iPhone.

Apple is known to file numerous patents, many of them that haven’t yet been implemented in its devices, so we don’t really know what to expect from this latest patent filed. But, we can’t help but be curious to see what Apple’s working on.

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