The world had gone gaga over the release of MacBook Air but since the 13-incher MacBook Pro with Retina display came our way, the biggest Air loyalists have been in fix.

Why Apple Impresses With MacBook Pro With Retina Display Over MacBook Air?The latest variant starts at $1,300 but with sassy speed, sexy screen and superb stamina, the Pro is worth every bit of the pennies invested. 

The Retina display of 2560×1600-pixel makes the text and images super crisp. When you begin to handle the Force Touch track pad, you can actually redefine what true interaction feels like.

The MacBook Pro also houses a latest build of solid-state drive and a powerful processor. So the multi-tab handling experience is not stretchy at all. With great battery that lasts about 10 hours for usual web surfing makes the Pro a way better buy than the Air.  
Only that the Air is way more portable and comes sans metal coating on the edges.  

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