Earlier, there had been speculation about Apple venturing into the television hardware business. But now latest reports confirm that Apple Inc is considering a modest plan as the firm is reportedly in talks over trying to let users use its Apple TV as a cable box, which can make them watch television live.

As per reports by the Wall Street Journal, the Calif.-based company is asking American cable operators to increase the features of its TV, which it famously calls “hobby”. Apple TV currently delivers music, movies, and television shows via iTunes and also has connectivity option for iPod, iPad, and iPhone.

It is however, reported that the American cable operators are reluctant to let Apple enter the business of television market, and therefore no such deal has been signed as yet.

Increasing the content on its existing set-top box is believed to be an easy way for the firm to get its operating software onto television screens of users all over the world.

In a conference for the All Things Digital, Tim Cook, Apple CEO said he doesn’t think Apple has to buy or be a content provider to play in the space. But he did add that Apple has to ensure it has a good amount of control over whatever it chooses to do in television.

Some analysts believe that structuring out its network of services is a smart move by Apple, mainly as it looks to find its next big innovation.

Currently, Apple is at the top of the smartphone and tablet markets, and has expanded its business overseas. The firm is always on the move to improve the effectiveness of its creation. However, in order to keep its exceptional reputation as an innovator of class, Apple has to continue making impressive products that still seem significant in users’ daily life.