Remember granny’s tales from your toddler days? How a boring mean got spicy with added tales behind the bowl of flakes on table? Apple might just get a tinge of interest generated among consumers with such tales. A latest snippet from the Examiner reveals that Michael Foulkes from Cupertino said that the designs for iPhone 6 and 5S were already in hand before Steve Jobs’s demise.

Now thought his might be spicy scoop for fans and non-Apple loyalists, industry pundits hardly expressed excitement. Horace Dediu, Former Manager at Nokia And Apple Analyst said, “Having worked in a phone company I think it’s a given…..Work under way now is for products shipping in 2016.”

Now for us, we know the Apple has gradually been losing sheen post-onslaught of Samsung. Tim Cook is already facing flak but how much more can he take? Perhaps, fans could have flashes of Jobs’s prowess with the tale. No wonder, Jobs and Cook are two chapters that are chalk and cheese.

Coming back to the present, we ponder over how many iPhones and iPads would have been ready—design wise– at the time Jobs was around. Whatever, be the story, Apple has got riper this time—all over again!