Saturday, December 2, 2023

Apple Eyes A Retina+ Display- Sharp Move To Get HD Onto Apple iPhone 6 To Get Lead Against Samsung Galaxy S4

Apple seems wary of rivals—Samsung and HTC, now. Why so, you ask? With the latter making a splash in the world of smartphones, Apple cannot afford to sit on a throne that is now slipping onto quicksand ground! What better way to secure a stronger ground than focus on improving its specs. That is exactly what Apple is geared up for with the iPhone 6. We have tapped a number of rumor mills to arrive at a belief that the iPhone 6 shall come propped and prepped with an amazing Retina display. Add to this, Baby 6 might have multiple prototypes.

The planned Retina+ HD feature might be Apple means to skip the chances of screen fragmentation.

In further depth, the rumor stands on these lines. The iPhone 6 display might belong to the Retina+ Sharp IGZO category. Rewinding back to the CES 2013, Sharp’s IZGO display smartphone wowed us all with its 5-inch width and 720P HD resolution.

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Now talks are on between Apple and Sharp for the retina foray in 2014.This would result in more power efficiency and enhanced responsiveness. What more, you might just be able to get a pencil work on the Apple iPhone 6!

While the screen size Apple is planning for its iPhone 6 is not clear, we anticipate the giant to pay it safe with two sizes—large and small. However, Apple has always believed that 4-inch is the ideal screen size for a smartphone. However, with titans such as Samsung breathing onto its neck, Apple could very well change its mind.

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