US-based tech company Apple is rumoured to engage some of the world’s top athletes for the trial of its upcoming iWatch, which is likely to be equipped with several fitness- and health-related features.

Apple To Engage Kobe Bryant, Dustin Brown and Other Top Athletes For iWatch Trial
Creative Commans/Hidayah

 There are plenty of rumours online related to the iWatch, which is likely to be launched this fall with iOS 8 on board, benefitting from the new operating system’s Health and HealthKit features.

 For the trial purposes, the company is reportedly in discussion with various athletes from the NHL, MLB and NBA.

 A person familiar with the matter has been quoted by 9to5Mac saying that “Apple has teamed up with some of the sports world’s most notable professional athletes in order to test the upcoming “iWatch’s” fitness capabilities in intense training environments. Apple has invited athletes from the MLB, NHL and NBA to its Cupertino-based campus on multiple occasions over the past several weeks to brief the players on the upcoming wearable device and provide an opportunity for testing to be conducted in professional conditioning environments.”

 We have earlier mentioned that the company launched its new iOS 8 at WWDC, and also briefed about the new Health and HealthKit tools to keep all fitness- and health-related data in one place. The iWatch is likely to be equipped with up to 10 sensors in order to monitor all sorts of things, especially health and activity levels.

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