If you have been planning to buy an iPad for quite some then now is the right time to for the act. With 15-17 percent discount offers on 4the generation iPad and the iPad mini in the offing, the going just cannot get any better Apple fans like you. This attempt by Apple. Inc is underway to push up the sales of its various refurbished products.

At lucrative discounts of almost 15 and 16 percent, you can now pick up the Wi-Fi iPad mini of 16GB and 32GB at only $249 and $359, respectively. The 64GB variant of the coveted Wi-Fi iPad mini is available at $346, which is a whopping 17 percent discount! However, if you have a fancy for the 9.7-inch iPad 4 instead of its 7.9-inch sibling then you can also look forward to good discounts on the same. The 16GB and 32GB models of the iPad 4 are now tagged at $419 and $499, respectively—which is discount of 16 percent on their rates. If you are interested in grabbing more storage space then the one with 64 GB is the right choice with you and costs $579 at a discount of 17 percent.

These products from Apple have a warranty of one year and provide coverage for the same period as well. With proper tests and certifications in place, these Apple devices also come equipped with a new battery—making consumers more relaxed as they enjoy the products.