Apple has done it, yet again. The innovative tech giant has launched its digital car key feature. Apple rolled out CarKey as part of the WatchOS 6.2.8 update and iOS 13.6 update. Apple Digital Car Keys compatibility is only for Apple device users as of now. Apple device owners will now be able to remotely lock, unlock their vehicles even if their iPhone has run out of battery. It will also works well with other Apple compatible vehicles.

All About Apple Digital Car Keys Compatibility

Apple Car Key1

To be able to take full advantage of Apple digital car keys compatibility feature, it is necessary for the device to have Background Tag Reading technology. This needed technology is available on iPhone XR as well as on other latest versions of iOS smartphones.

Along with Apple Watch Series 5, Apple Digital Car Keys Compatibility will compliment well with:

  • iPhone XR
  • iPhone XS Max
  • iPhone XS
  • iPhone 11
  • iPhone 11 Pro
  • iPhone 11 MaxPro
  • iPhone SE (2nd gen)

Apple Digital Car Keys Compatibility with BMW Cars

Apple Digital Car Keys

Apple announced the Digital CarKeys feature in the virtual WWDC event held last month. In the event, the company stated that currently CarKey feature compatibility is only with a few BMW cars which are manufactured after July 2020 and are compatible for iOS 13.6. BMW is among the first automotive manufacturers to partner with Apple on this feature.

Apple CarKey feature works through the Apple Wallet app. Apple Digital Car Keys Compatibility allows users to share keys with up to five friends viaiMessage. It also allows users to allow different levels of access to their close friends and family members. And, in case you lose your device, the CarKey feature can then be disabled through iCloud.

Here is the list of BMW cars that win Apple Digital Car Keys Compatibility

  • BMW Series 1
  • BMW Series 2
  • BMW Series 3
  • BMW Series 4
  • BMW Series 5 
  • BMW Series 6
  • BMW Series 8
  • BMW Series X5
  • BMW Series X6
  • BMW Series X7 
  • BMW SeriesX5M 
  • BMW SeriesX6M 
  • BMW Series Z4

Since Apple has still not given any official statement regarding which all cars manufacturers will be partnering with apple for Apple Digital Car Keys compatibility, it is best to keep our fingers crossed for some good news.

So, what is your waiting for? Update your iPhone to make full use of Apple CarKey feature and check out this page for updates on Apple Digital Car Keys compatibility.


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