Most of us internet users may not have lived through the AOL era, back when it was considered one of the most ultimate things to ever happen on the internet. And then came along Yahoo!, Google, the cloud, and a host of other trends over the internet. But now, with its recently revamped e-mail service, Alto, AOL may finally be ready to hit back at its competitors with a real winner of a product.

Designed to make the e-mail experience far more manageable, Alto does something that Gmail, Yahoo, and iCloud is unable to offer to its customers – a clean design that cleverly organizes your mails and separates the junk from the important stuff. The Alto HTML5 is essentially a web app, now in its beta phase and available only via invite, and it helps users organize their inboxes in an efficient manner, on the basis of importance of e-mails.

Using Alto, you can check all your e-mail from multiple accounts like Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, and iCloud – all in a single web-based client. The right side of the page has “stacks” or dynamic folders into which you can organize your e-mails. You can even set automatic rules for some mails to skip the inbox and land up directly into the stacks. The best thing about the Alto interface is how it organizes your photos and other attachments into a neat, easy to view manner, so you never have to hunt through your hundreds of mails to look for a particular file.