Google Inc. in its bid to end the Federal Trade Commission Probe has offered a letter promising not to copy content from rival websites without proper permission, two people known to the matter said.

The U.S. antitrust probe has been in swing for last 20 months. Google in its offer is also mentioning that it would allow advertisers to compare data from ad campaigns with their performance on other Internet search engines, one of the people said yesterday.

This may bring down the probe to shut down without a lawsuit or settlement which will be a biggest blow to Google’s competitors including Microsoft Corp. (MSFT), Yelp Inc., and Expedia Inc.

The action against Google was taken as the search giant was favoring its own services when people searched for queries. The utter dominance of Google over the web by violates antitrust laws  ed to the enquiry.

Adam Kovacevich, a Google spokesman, has not said anything about Google’s decision to announce concessions. Even Cecelia Prewett, a spokeswoman for the FTC, declined to comment in the matter of FTC probe