A time has come where we can’t think of passing a single day without our mobile phone by our side.  We are all addicted to our smartphones. The first thing that most of us do after waking up in the morning is to check the phone for mails, notifications, calls and it doesn’t even matter if they are relevant or not. From sending photos to Face Timing family & friends, checking latest news, weather forecast to ordering almost everything online, mobile phones have indeed made life much simpler.

Anti Radiation Chip for Mobile

Smartphones are known to emit harmful electromagnetic radiations. Even though there isn’t concrete evidence to prove this, there have been several studies conducted which point towards the carcinogenic nature of these radiations. This means that the prolonged usage of the mobile phones and other smart devices can lead to cancer or brain tumour. Studies also prove that the electromagnetic radiations emitted from mobile phones may cause neurological disorders. In this article, we will cover anti radiation chip for mobile, anti radiation chip benefits, and anti radiation chip price in India.

Anti Radiation Chip for Mobile Use

Anti radiation chips are designed specifically to manage the non-thermal aspect of radiation emitted from electronic gadgets. They do so by neutralising the harmful nature of electromagnetic radiations emitted from them, so that there is no biological damage to the human body.

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Anti Radiation Chip Benefits

  • Anti radiation mobile chip is designed to protect your ear, brain and heart tissues from harmful radiation
  • This kind of chip helps in protecting sensitive ear tissues from hazardous radiation and protect penetration of unwanted radiations into brain.
  • Anti radiation chip for mobile is scientifically designed and they do not interfere with the phone signals ensuring no adverse impact on signal strength.
Anti Radiation Chip for Mobile 1

The anti radiation chip price in India for a good chip starts from Rs. 399. Enviro Chip Radiation Protective Chip is one of the most trusted anti radiation chip for mobile. The CE certified anti radiation chip for mobile has also been certified by Max Healthcare, and has been reviewed by well-renowned MIT(Massachusetts Institute of Technology).

The durable design makes it suitable to be used on either mobile device or cover / case. You can buy it from Amazon.

 Use your smartphone smartly

  • Text whenever possible.
  • While answering your phone, keep switching between the left and right ear.
  • No matter how bored you are, try and limit mobile conversations to only a few minutes.  
  • Do not keep your smartphone too close to the body, especially when not in use.
  • Allow children to use mobile phones only in cases of emergency.

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