Apple's iPhone 5Consider yourself lucky if you have your iPhone 5 in hands already! Reportedly, there are still many waiting in the line who pre-ordered their iPhone 5 following days after its launch. The delay, so they say, is caused due to some issue with scratch checks on this latest smartphone, which has slowed down the production lines at Foxconn, which is Apple’s supplier of iPhones.

Following the launch of the iPhone 5, news had crammed up the web, claiming that the device was susceptible to scratches due to the aluminum used in its making. The aluminum in iPhone 5 made the device thin and light but more prone to wear and tear.

Addressing the complaints, Phil Schiller of Apple said that the scratches were normal and that users were holding it in the wrong manner. This didn’t really amuse who splurged a hefty amount to bag this latest device.

Following this, Apple told Foxconn to check the production line that caused the iPhone 5 to be shipped with scratches. And this precaution is what is slowing down the production and supply.