Angry Birds Epic now live on iOS in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand

We didn’t see much delay between the declaration of the new Angry Bird series “Epic” and the commencement of its soft launch. Angry Bird Epic is accessible at iOS App Store for players in New Zealand, Australia and Canada stating that the soft launch has started.

Although Rovio hasn’t stated anything officially yet, it is believed that this soft launch has been done to test Angry Bird Go, which means Rovio desires to check out the payment scheme. This also means it may end up in changing the price of in-app purchases.

The game is yet another effort to shed off the excessively loaded bird games of Rovio. There have many bird flinging games till Go! But Epic doesn’t looks to be a serious reply to RPG genre with suitably silly characters and armors.

The element of the gameplay can be expected from a RPG, where you earned accessories via battles. YouTube video displays is what you can expect from the game. It displayed the Lucky Coins in the FTP segment. A pack of 100 is priced at $6.50 and 3000 is tagged at $124.99.

Rovio has integrated lives system. The game comes in stages with 5 lives. However, you can get more lives by paying a price. Though it doesn’t look as detestable as Angry Birds Go! but right now we shall await to see some more of it.