It might be very hard to believe that Google’s Android payment system is more rewarding and easy to use payment system than Apple pay.  There are more than one billion android users across the globe which means that we can see a substantial increase in mobile based payments.  Android Pay overcomes all the issues of Google wallet and offers better experience to the users; according to tech experts at So, why Android pay is a better option than Apple Pay: let’s find out.

Why android pay is a better option than apple pay?  More features and more rewards- Google play has already collaborated with coca cola so that’s its payment system can be used at vending machines. The company wants to help the world to buy Coca cola with their mobile devices. At Google I/O event, the company also stated that customers will also have the option to redeem coke reward points to purchase the soda.

Done away with multiple passwords– Google’s Android pay does not require the user to enter separate passwords for making payments. According to the website Android users can simply use the screen lock passwords or pin code for making payments. This makes it friendlier for the users as they do not have to enter their passwords multiple times.

High number of compatible devices– Android pay is compatible on compatible on high percentage of Android devices unlike Apple pay which only runs of iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. Google has also provided better support for other devices running on NFC chips and Android KitKat apart from its Nexus series.