Android M has finally managed to gain a fair number of fans but with the arrival of iOS 9 last Monday, the platform could lose few admirers thanks to the Apple onslaught. Here are the best of what each of these platforms have to offer:

Android M Vs Apple iOS 9—A Tough Choice To Make Thanks To Bevy Of Latest FeaturesGoogle has included the much awaited kill-switch feature in this Android 5.1 version and this also finds place on Android M. In addition, Android M will also incorporate smart home-related tech via Nest software. Enhanced OS interactions with smartwatches will also find place on Android M. Android Auto software will be the pivotal point on the platform, according to a Reuters report.

Stability issues from the iOS 8 will see fixation on the iOS 9. An all new application, Home is anticipated on the latest iOS variant. This will be seen as a control point for third-party products. The overall look of iOS 9 comes all new and revamped, complete with the San Francisco font as well. This font was seen on the Apple Watch earlier. Another app called Transit on iOS 9 will make public transport based city navigation a piece of cake. 

It is tough to pick a platform between Android M and iOS 9 since both come laced with latest features that can change the way we use our smartphones.

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