Android Kitkat has recently announced that the HTC One smartphone will now be certified for Kitkat by mobile carriers. This means users will soon be able to get the Android 4.4 update. The device has already been designed and passed on to mobile networks for approval.

Around late January, HTC plans to launch Android 4.4 to HTC One carrier models. With the month coming to an end, the Taiwanese manufacturer says that testing would be complete in another week. HTC also seems to be revising its software update page. AT&T, Sprint, Verizon and T Mobile could now be in the certification phase as well.

HTC also released “anatomy of an Android update”, which gave details of integration, innovation, certification and testing in December. Once the testing phase is complete, over-the-air updates would be rolled out. Other HTC devices are also scheduled to receive their Android 4.4 updates. These include the HTC One Mini, HTC One Max and HTC Desire 601. 

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 also started receiving the Android Kitkat 4.4 update in Poland last week for the N9005 model, with Russia to follow soon for the SM-900 model.