Is True Byod speaking the Truth? Will True Byod keep up to their promised making the Iphone a dual personality by making it run on both the IOs and also the Android operating system?

The True Boyd solution is a master of mobile software with its base in Massachusetts. True is aiming to create the Red Bend Software so that the IPhone by Apple can run on dual modes.  Being the finalist of the Emerging Technology Award of the CTIA that is the Wireless Association most of the experts are looking up to True for their innovative software which they will launch shortly.

The Red Bend software by True is aimed to provide mobile corporation, network carriers and enterprises to create dual persona devices for their fans. Boyd is aiming to provide two Smartphone in a single hardware. The reason behind this magnificent creation by Byod is that with this software users might be able to separate their personal life and corporate life. According to Byod the two operating systems will be switched on all time with just a single interchangeable button which can change the operating system. Red Bend is already in companionship with the Samsung Galaxy S3 to try out there new software during the latter half of 2013.