Google is all set to launch its new Android 6.0 OS on September 29. Termed ‘Marshmallow’ this time, there are a lot of expectations from the new OS. Invites for the event have already been sent out and expectations are high.

The most important question on everyone’s mind is, how will it differ from the Apple’s recently-launched iOS 9? Here are the improvements avid Android users would like to see in Android 6.0.

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Anuja Sharma, who has been using Android phones for a long time says, “I want muted and coral tones in the new Google OS. The brightness does not appeal anymore.”

Alisha Singh suggests it could do with some changes to the gallery. “I love how iOS 9 lets you hide your pictures. Why not bring this or something more to Android 6.0?”

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“Security, security and security, there is nothing else I need in Marshmallow”, says private professional Shreyans  Singh. “Dude I do everything on my phone. I am scared if it gets hacked.”

iOS 9 has enhanced its security features by enabling six-digit security passwords. “What I will really like in Marshmallow is one-tap copy past functions (sic),” says media professional Mahendra.

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How will it hold up against iOS 9?

Android 6.0 really needs to up it game against iOS 9. We do expect it to make multitasking a priority, but what most people worry for is the security. Many android users face trouble with their phones being hacked into.

The latest Android OS is also expected to come with a battery-saving feature called “Doze”, much like the lower power mode in iOS 9.

While Marshmallow will come with Android Pay, iOS 9 already features Apple Pay. All of this makes competition tough for both the operating systems.

Android 6.0 Marshmallow is due to release next week.

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