I call myself an ambivert – I possess a mix of both extrovert and introvert traits. While I am likely to be all chit-chatty in person, I share a love/hate relationship with Instagram. Bombarding us with picture perfect moments, Instagram has us spend our mornings scroll through the verified pages of our favourite celebrities or looking for ideas on Instagram for editing photos! It’s almost ‘insta’ntaneous to admire their beauty and photography skills. I spend my evenings taking workout motivations and at night I watch all trending IGTV videos for that quick night skincare routine or for that basic dewy makeup look. And, trust me, by the end of it, I am all demotivated.

Why is that? For not being able to achieve that flawless look or for not having my abs screaming out of my wobbly family pack. But again, thanks to this very app, it gives me a reason to try. I push myself beyond my comfort zone and learn what’s trending in the world. I think I am still trying to understand my relationship with the gram, and at this moment, it is “complicated”.

If you also spend too much time messing around with filters and other Instagram editing apps, you will love the research I have done for you. I have actually tried to understand the ‘gram’, one square at a time. Here are some of the best Instagram apps that will help you conquer the reign and make you a social media queen in no time.

The Best Instagram Apps for Photo Editing


My friends, this is a powerful tool. The one-click edits and pre-designed filters act like implants. The free Glamour & Beauty Lightroom preset instantly lifts the not so good-looking picture and cannot be thanked enough for adding glamour and the oomph factor. The editing app has tons of editing preset packs that will enable you to quickly style and edit your photos. The added advantage, they are free of cost and are mobile-friendly.

A Color Story

This Instagram photo editing app is swamped with over 400 filters & effects, including things like bokeh, light leaks, etc. the filters are designed by renowned photographers, influencers and focuses on fresh photos and video, on-trend editing styles, and colours that pop. It adds the right zing to the pictures and alters all the flaws unlike any other Instagram photo editing app.


Ever wondered how your colleague manages to get perfectly spaced paragraphs in her Instagram captions, while you are just a wall of clingy text breaking in lines? Well, it is Spacie. The app allows you to type your caption into it and simultaneously it into a format that Instagram can read, pretty and chic.


If you are obsessed with putting everything on your Instagram story, just like me, then Unfold is the app for you. The photo editing app is loaded with fantastic stylish frames and a nicer selection of faults. The only drawback is, it is not 100 percent free, and you will have to shell out a few bucks to have access to some of the mind boggling layouts, and trust me, it’s worth every penny. Most importantly, the Instagram photo editing app offers some beautiful story templates and fonts, even in the free version.


StoryChic is the latest photo editing app I am addicted to. With over 500+ static & animated templates with filters and fonts to take your Instagram Stories to the next level, this one deservers a download, right away. The gorgeous designs and layouts coupled with excellent music is sure to get you likes and hearts.  This is a must have for app for Instagram Stories that lets you overlay text and graphics onto your photos and videos!

Do let me know if you are using any latest Instagram apps for photo editing. Share some of your beautiful pictures and do share your photo editing hacks. I would love to try them!