This Time Its America Not India Who Have Threatened The Computer Industry With Spams



The Sophos Labs’ Dirty Dozen is out and this time round, the US tops the list of spam spewing countries. It is followed by China and India in the next two slot. India was the leading country relaying spam according to the last survey. However, US has taken this spot once again. Over the last three months, about 1.5th of all spam globally came from American computers.

Here’s the list of spam sharing countries between December 2012 – February 2013

USA 18.3%
China 8.2%
India 4.2%
Peru 4.0%
France 3.4%
S. Korea 3.4%
Italy 3.4%
Taiwan 2.9%
Russia 2.9%
Spain 2.8%
Germany 2.7%
Iran 2.6%
Other 41.1%

Mahak Sharma

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