It could just be a matter of time when Amazon unveils a new Kindle Fire Tablet that the company plans to sell along with the current 7-inch version. According to documents filed with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) by Harpens LLC, there could be a 10-inch device that Amazon plans to launch this fall.

Amazon released the original Kindle Fire late November. This indicates that the firm waited one full year for another launch.

There is not much revealed about the looks of the device, Amazon seems to have plans to surprise its competitors and users. However, Amazon set up a front company to mask the trail of approvals needed prior the launch of a device, ensuring its competitors are kept in the dark about the firm’s tablet plans.

Previously, Amazon had used front or shadow companies prior to the launch of other versions of its Kindle devices including the Kindle Touch and Kindle Fire.

Adding more excitement to the launch of Kindle Fire, there are rumors about the slashed prices of the firm’s Kindle DX. With no confirmation as to the launch date, we can just hope to see the latest version of Kindle tablet in the market before the holiday season, which we hope is faster, smarter and affordable!