Amazon To Offer ‘Hands-Free’ Alexa Experience for Mobile


Now request Alexa to set reminders or even play your favourite music without touching your phone and even when you are away from your speaker.

Technology is changing at an astonishing pace and making way for a world where artificial intelligence takes precedence and purpose built machines accomplish human tasks with ease and minimal contact.

Hands-free technology in itself has allowed us to save valuable time, multi-task, improve productivity and accomplish almost any task with nothing but voice commands.

Amazon, regarded often for its advancement in technology, recently updated its Alexa mobile application for Android and iOS devices to enhance user experience and make it a little easier for them to access and talk to Amazon’s virtual assistant—Alexa.

Alexa mobile app

With the latest update, you simply need to ask Siri on your iPhone or Google Assistant on your Android phone to open the Alexa application to begin with the hands-free experience—a feature that was previously absent and required the user to open the application manually and tap on the blue (voice control) button.

The update, is intended to save you some time and the hassle of manually opening the application or the hassle of screaming at your speaker from the other room. Once your phone’s digital assistant opens up the Alexa app, you can communicate with Alexa directly and ask Alexa to set reminders for your daily or weekly task, play your favourite music, controlling smart home products or just simply act as a virtual assistant.

All you need to do is update the Alexa mobile application from the app/play store. Once updated, the app will ask for permission to access your location and microphone (you can always turn the feature off in case you desire) to enable the hands-free detection.Amazon notes that the feature will only work when the phone is unlocked and the Alexa app is open on the screen.
The feature will not work unless the wake word is uttered. A blue line will appear at the bottom of the screen to indicate that Alexa is streaming the command to the cloud.

Please note, Amazon has indicated the feature will roll out over the next few days to users around the world hence, you may not find this option immediately.

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