In anticipation of the latest model of Kindle Fire coming soon, Inc. reportedly has sold out all of its Kindle Fire tablet devices.

The Kindle Fire had become one of the popular tablets in the market, priced at $199. But now with the recent announcement, this device won’t be seen on the shelves at least until the next launch.

The online retailer recently announced that as the new version is on its way, Kindle Fire won’t be in stock. The new model of Kindle Fire is expected to be unveiled at a major press conference slated for next Thursday in Santa Monica, Calif.

Amazon Kindle Fire was launched nine months back, last November, and went on to become the most popular tablets in the market last year. With a color screen and the ability to run third-party applications, Kindle Fire was in direct competition with Apple’s iPad, and was sold at half the price of the cheapest iPad.

With Kindle Fire, Amazon said it captured around 22 percent of US tablet sales over nine months, which does make it the second-most sought after tablet, after the iPad.

The latest Kindle Fire is expected to give direct competition to Apple Mini, which is also expected to be out sometime soon.

Spurring the market of affordable tablets, Kindle Fire is marked as a successful device.  Amazon kept its price low with a strategy to make the Fire a way for users to buy more e-books, music and movie downloads from the Amazon store, which is closely linked to the device.

That’s the strategy that Apple seems to have missed as it focuses on profit made via devices sold and not through content sales. Amazon also offers users easy shopping as they can buy the devices directly through its website.

It is also believed that on Thursday, Amazon could announce the update of the rest of its Kindle line, which was launched a year ago.