How about a fitness band that not just tracks your body but can also assess your mood? If you would like to buy one, Amazon has launched just that. Amazon is finally joining the fitness wearable space with its brand new Amazon Halo wristband and subscription service. Notably, the e-commerce giant would be competing with the likes of Fitbit and Apple Watch in the Fitness space.

Pricing and Early Access Offers on Amazon Halo

The premiere Amazon Halo Band has been priced at $99.99. Moreover, buyers will have to spend an extra $3.99 per month to avail the Halo subscription servicefor advanced features. (Note – The Amazon Halo service won’t be a part of its cross-app Prime subscription.)Furthermore, buyers can also purchaseadditional fabric bands and sports bands for $19.99 and $15.99 respectively.However, in an exclusive (invite-only) early access program, the company is offering a whopping discount of $35. Besides the discounted price at $64.99, early access offer will also include six months of free subscription.

Key Features and Specs of Amazon Halo Band

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It can create a three-dimensional model of your body and tracks your voice too. Surprisingly, Amazon has done away with the screen its first ever fitness variable. It is a definite contrast to the industry’s many fitness wearable products. Notably, fitness bands and smart watches offering the most basic fitness functions usually feature a screen on the wearable gadget.

However, the fitness band comes with two innovative and rather unusual features. Amazon Halo service allows you to create a three dimensional scans of your body and can also track your voice tones. Amazon Halo Band uses the 3-D scan tocalculate user’s body fat percentages. Moreover, the wristband employs its microphone to listen to the user’s voice to determine and assesstheir emotional state. But, mental health experts have also cautioned against the fitness band’s potential impact on people with self-image issues.

Amazon Halo band will also come with the ability to track user’s cardiac health, sleep and more. It will aim to encourage lifestyle changes to its users to help better their health. Moreover, users can also undertake short challenges in several areas including meditation, exercise routine and sleep. But, what’s even more interesting is the fact that Amazon has said the new Halo band isn’t a medical device and thus hasn’t seek any sort of FDA approval.

Amazon Halo Band has been designed to work effectively with both Android and iOS smartphones. It will initiallybe available in three colour variablesincluding onyx black, mineral blue and rose gold. Amazon is likely to introduce its new fitness wristband in an even wider range of colour options as well as band styles in future.

The band features a sensor module and users can view their fitness info such as amount of steps covered on their phone app. Moreover, the Halo app also provides weekly cardio fitness scores to track your activity levels but also allows for rest days by avoiding daily scores.


Notably, the band also lacks several other common features such as Wi-Fi connectivity, GPS and cellular radio besides the screen on its wristband. But, it does include an accelerometer, temperature sensor and heart rate monitor. Moreover, it will also feature two microphones and an LED indicator light, and a button to turn the microphones on or off.

However, it does seem rather bizarre that the company hasn’t utilised the possibilities of integrating Alexainto its fitness band. The mics will primarily serve to track voice tones to enable emotional assessment of the user. Talking of its durability, Amazon has claimed thatit is water resistant up to 5ATM and is swimproof. Moreover, a fully charged Halo Band battery can last up toentire week.

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