Do you love sharing good music with friends and family? Well, Amazon has upgraded its function and has now introduced a brand-new Amazon music sharing feature that allows customers to share their favourite music on Echo units via the Amazon Alexa app. With Amazon Music Sharing, users can share their songs with their Alexa contacts on their Echo units.

With Amazon Music Sharing function, users across the globe can share songs with their Alexa contacts on their Echo devices now. For instance, if you are listening to a song and want to share it with someone, all you have to say is, “Alexa, share this song with (the contact’s name)”. Alexa will then send the song to the contact you just mentioned. The person you have shared the song with will be able to listen to your favourite song on their Echo devices and can even send back a reaction.

Alexa is going to notify you on your Echo device and the Alexa app in case if someone wants to send a song to you. When you receive a song, Alexa will find the same song on either your default music streaming.

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To listen to the song that has been shared, simply ask Alexa for your messages. The voice assistant will read out the one with the shared song, and will ask if you want to hear the song that’s been shared with you. You can also just tap on the mobile push notification sent from your Alexa app to choose which device you want to listen to your song on.

How to Use Amazon Music Sharing Feature?

To make full use of Amazon’s new feature, enable Alexa Communications on your account. To enable, go to the Alexa app < Communicate tab < Enable

Once enabled, you can easily share a song with any contact who also has an Echo device and the Alexa app. To check who all you can share music with, you can tap on “new message” from the Communicate tab and see a list of contacts.

When you receive a song, Alexa will find the same song on either your default music streaming service or on another streaming service available to you. If a matching song cannot be found, Alexa will suggest a station based on the song’s title and the artist’s name.

 You can also go through Amazon Music Unlimited FAQ to know more about the new music sharing feature.

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