Not a 10-inch model as speculated, but Amazon plans to uncover two models of 7-inch Kindle Fire tablets, Sep. 6th!

Counter to the rumors of hitting directly at Apple with a bigger version of Kindle, Amazon will reportedly unveil two 7-inch Kindle Fire models at its media event coming Thursday.

So in case you were waiting for a 10-inch version, the wait is going to be a bit longer, I guess.

As per a report in CNet, out of the two 7-inch models, one will have a faster and better hardware with more connectivity choices, while the other will be an updated version of the already existing Kindle Fire, which Amazon has recently sold out and taken off the shelves in the US.

The innovative higher-end Kindle Fire model will also boasts of a faster processor, a camera, an HDMI port, and other hardware upgrades, which marks it to be a tough competitor of Google’s nexus 7. Whereas the lower-end or revamped model of the original is just slightly upgraded with a newer interface. This model is believed to cost lower than $199 and will also have ad support.

Currently, the Kindle e-readers display ads while asleep and on the main library page.

The new Kindle devices are set to make debut in a week’s time on Amazon’s media event that’s slated for Sept. 6th. The season seems to be great for tablets as Apple also plans to launch its iPad Mini this October. For now, we will just have to wait until next week when Amazon announces the pricing, naming, and availability of its devices!