With competition in the market getting intense in every segment, companies are vying for a share of the market. Amazon has reportedly come up with a surprise package for its customers and under this initiative some customers will get free subscription of Fire TV for 30 days. airtel pocket tv app

Amazon Fire TV has been launched as an alternative to Apple TV, Google Chromecast, Roku and others. To increase its customer base, Amazon has launched its 30 day trial package. Promotional emails have been sent to customers and winners will be chosen by a lucky draw. To make this offer lucrative for the customers, the company is also offering free shipping.

Lucky viewers will be able to save a fortune as Amazon Fire TV costs $99 without this offer.  An added advantage of Fire TV is that it can also be used as a gaming console. Users can expect graphics processing unit along with 2 GB of RAM. However, you will have to pay separately for the remote control which comes for a price of $39.

 The service will be available for free for a trial period of 30 days. In case, the service is used beyond its trial version, the company will charge for the same as per the card being used by the customer.


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