Amazon, online retailer and cloud computing company, has today ventured into the first social game studio with Living Classics. Made by the company’s Amazon Game Studios, this free game features a family of foxes roaming into active illustrations of their much preferred books such as Alice in Wonderland, The Wizard of Oz, and King Arthur.

The electronic commerce company offers users a chance to “explore worlds”, “find moving objects”, “help friends” and more through this game that has been released on the social networking site Facebook.

Living Classics is the first title released by Amazon Game Studios. The entire team of this new venture is focused to create innovative, fun, and well-crafted games.

Currently, Amazon is tight lipped as to what they are planning next. Yet, this game seems to aim to entertain families, especially children.

Game Studio gave out an announcement today, stating, “We know that many Amazon customers enjoy playing games – including free-to-play social games – and thanks to Amazon’s know-how, we believe we can deliver a great, accessible gaming experience that gamers and our customers can play any time.”

It looks like Amazon has set off its first rivalry with Zynga that is already a leader in social gaming. Let’s see what Amazon Game Studios offers in the upcoming months, especially if the company chooses to carry on with Zynga’s path. We’ll have to see whether Amazon will be able to strike it right or not in the social gaming market.