A lot is expected from the upcoming iPhone 6. And it really seems like Apple is going to be coming up with a brilliant device, slated to be released this October. In the meantime there has been a glut of concept videos about Apple’s upcoming flagship smartphone. Some of them are mundane while some of them are truly amazing. Here are some amazing futuristic iPhone 6 concepts.

One of the best concept videos actually has an iPhone 6 that doesn’t look all that futuristic, but don’t be fooled by the looks. This is actually a great concept because it seems the most possible since Apple has actually patented such a technology – a hydrogen fuel cell powered iPhone! The video shows an iPhone 6 that has retina display and a 256GB SSD drive, meaning that this phone would be very power hungry. This new power source should be able to cope with such excessive need and still be smaller than present battery packs! Is Samsung Galaxy S5 ready for this iPhone challenge?

Ran Avin has always had great ideas when it comes to concepts for the iPhone 6. He previously was on a team that came up with the concept of an iPhone 6 that not only had edge to edge displays, but also folded out to become a larger screen, almost the size of the iPad Mini. His latest concept is for a 6.2 inch phablet size iPhone 6 that he calls the iPhone 6.2. The video release shows an updated iOS 7. This video by HekSoft shows off two pretty neat concepts. The first is for a transparent iPhone 6. The second part of the video has an iPhone 6 with both a projected key-board and a holographic screen. This concept is actually a very good idea, one that Apple should look into. A projected key-board and a holographic screen would make this iPhone 6 very versatile, almost like a laptop.